Course Details

Skill Development for junior management

TThis course will enable you to handle daily operation of your organization in everyday life. This will enhance your reporting and presentation skills

Here you will experience some daily usage office applications and skills to improvise your efficiency.

Prepaire planning, updating, tracking and reporting of data.

Course coverage

  1. Preparing letters and reports in word processing
  2. Data Analysis and Interpretation in spreadsheet
  3. Visual reports and data flow reports for organization
  4. Knowledge Areas in project life cycle
  5. Cash flow and project billing
  6. Basic Accounting and taxation
  7. Preparing presentations & story telling
  8. Presells and customer interaction
  9. Preparing flowchart and organization charts
  10. Scheduling Projects and Time
  11. Assigning resources to work
  12. Communication skills

Tools we are using

  • Word processing (Advance)
  • MS Excel (Advance)
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Tally
  • MS Visio
  • MS Access
  • MS Project
  • X Mind
  • Who can join this course?

    Engineers, planners, Engineering & Management Students, Project Managers, Project coordinators, Entrepreneurs, project consultants, Business Analyst


    Anyone who is working in any office, college students, Job Seekers, People in sales and marketing, Banking professionals, engineers and Management students

    Every organization need people who analysis business can present the reports, for which we have employees need excellent business data management knowledge. Effective work handling in Such as

    1. Corporates
    2. Malls, and Retail industry
    3. Education , Healthcare, Finance and Banking & Banking Services
    4. EIn almost every profession industries need the professionals with these celebrities.

    Course Duration: 70 Hours.

    Course Fee: ₹ 9,999